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We help clients in the following areas:

️   Mission, Vision, Values workshop
️   Onboarding Creation 
️   Culture Branding (social media marketing)

View our MVV Slide Deck Below:


Established businesses
Emotional Intelligence Classes 
️     Employee Survey – SWOT & Executive Debrief with Action Plan

 ️ Onboarding Revamp

 ️ Executive Coaching (solo or teams)

 ️ Culture Branding (social media marketing)

View our Survey Slide Deck Below:

Survey slider_Page_1.png

Businesses doing #mergersandacquisitions

️     Culture SWOT analysis
️ Leadership’s Culture Merging Plan

I work with everyone on:

Emotional Intelligence
Coaching & Classes (virtual or in-person)

View our EQ Slide Deck Below:

EQ slider_Page_1.png
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