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My mission is to improve the work culture and Toxic Workplace concern at all levels of a company so that a company can thrive emotionally and thusly, financially. 




Success for my clients that cannot go unnoticed! 



Core Values

Transparency, Integrity, & Teamwork


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When I use to work in companies from military, DOD/NASA contracting, fortune 500 company to the private sector...I was always an intrapreneur that wanted to dive in headfirst and make things better. My intuition, instinct, and passion enabled me to correctly assess my workplaces work culture and what it was that made it great or made it poor.


My leadership was always surprised how quickly I picked up on issues even at a young age that was often complex. I realized it was time to take my gift and help companies who WANTED to make the change via an entrepreneurial route..


I love seeing happy and healthy work cultures! where also no Toxic Workplace  The philanthropic side of me thrives off this because I know how to fix broken work cultures or make good WCs even better. I want this for you and your people.


When your work culture is not in sync it affects your bottom line. I want to make your work culture stellar and raise your bottom line by orders of magnitude!

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