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Building work cultures people run TO, not away FROM




To grow individual's & team's emotional intelligence, for their mental health & work culture



Core Values

Transparency, Integrity, & Teamwork



Work Culture Consultant guides company executives to elevate psychological safety for employees. Brittinay supports executives through the process of evaluating the environment of their workplace so they can identify which elements of their culture aren’t working and reprogram outdated systems. She helps leadership teams strategically humanize their internal processes, empowering them to restructure and rebrand their culture so that employees can flourish at work, and executives can continue to gain (and retain!) the best talent.

Raising our team's emotional intelligence requires that we assess our environments and the way we participate within them, and then evaluate how we can show up with greater empathy and humanity - how we can serve from a place of connectedness rather than divisiveness. Emotionally intelligent leadership teams build happy, healthy and unified work cultures, thus creating a cohesive space in which employees’ unique gifts can freely shine.


More about Brittinay & her career here:

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